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EC = speed and efficiency of the application of an unique patented technology.
ECT® = 10times production & half the costs of technology.


NOG is an operator of the innovative Enhanced Oil Recovery technology using the method of Exothermic Chemical Treatment® (ECT®) for the oil reservoirs with special focus on the stimulation of heavy crude oil production.

NOG provides complex services of EOR consisting of:
  • Reservoir and well analysis
  • EOR operation documentation
  • Field deployment of EOR-ECT® technology
  • Conducting of the ECT® operation
  • Post-treatment monitoring and consulting
  • Evaluation and designing of enhanced production plan

Exothermic Chemical Treatment® (ECT®)

New Oil Generation Exothermic Chemical Treatment® (ECT®) is offering a new technology of Enhanced Oil Recovery, which brings the adequate response to production improvement, where issues encountered by operators are dealt with such in case of production drop.

Important economy driver of the ECT® is the high efficiency of impact combined with low costs in comparison with other EOR methods. The time needed for deployment of EOR system in the field is counted in days only. However, the effect is instantaneous and tangible improvement of production is immediately noticed.

Single EOR treatment could be done during the standard service works on the well to spare the time of a workover rig and shorten the service time when the borehole is unproductive as much as possible.

Basic facts about ECT®
Exothermic Chemical Treatment® (ECT®), often referred to as Binary Mixture – Technology (BM-Technology) stimulates oil reservoirs by producing heat and pressure and by an oil combustion chemical reaction (oxidizing process with the oil). Therefore it is a multiple stage enhanced oil recovery technology. In combination with high pressure generated during the chemical reactions and heat in the reservoir, the viscosity of oil is lowered and oil flow is increased in productive wells or renewed in non-productive or stripper wells. Hence, ECT® solution is deemed very suitable when old wells are rejuvenated putting back on production. The technology was developed and tested in Russia and Europe over more than 15 years. The method and technology itself have been patented globally and New Oil Generation is the only licensed and certified provider of the ECT® service world-wide.

The ECT® chemicals are:
1.      Pumped into the productive zone through separate tubes.
2.      Rapidly generate heat and nitrogen gas upon mixture.
3.      Result in significant heating and pressurization of the pay zone.
4.      Reducing the Skin factor through the heating and pressurization.
The ECT® process leads to significantly lower oil viscosity and increased oil flows in productive wells and renewed oil flows in non-productive or stripper wells.
The ECT® can be applied in various reservoir types,  and is particularly applicable as a tertiary recovery method for heavy oil reservoirs.

Competitive Advantage for ECT® Users
ECT® keeps the production costs low
Despite the precise planning during development phase and excellent results in early production, decrease or loss of production could happen anytime. It could be attributed to many factors, some of which could be the challenging nature of reservoir rock, loss of pressure, reservoir compartmentalization and many other factors. Under tight schedule and budget constraints, the decisions must be made.

ECT® is one of the most cost-effective solutions for stimulation of oil wells. To get to the lowest cost, ECT® method is designed to not require any additional infrastructure investments above the existing operator's infrastructure, eliminating the technical requirements and time consumption to the minimum. Huff & Puff operation could be done during one week, with a small well-articulated team of our experts. Thanks to the unique expertise and technical simplification through intensive research and development, New Oil Generation ECT® solution is 50% more cost-effective in average, in comparison with other conventional EOR methods. Therefore, ROI when implementing the ECT® is shorter, has not tangible effect on the production costs and enable the producer to keep the competitive advantage on the market through keeping the price per barrel produced on a reasonable rate.
Suitable for difficult conditions
The ECT® method is applicable on all types of crude and under various field conditions, but the heavy and extra heavy crude oil are the types where operators face the problems the most. This is exactly where New Oil Generation concentrated their focus to assist its customers to reach effective optimal production. The most recognized impact of ECT® is reached when stimulating heavy crude in particular where the rapid decrease of viscosity brings excellent results and boosts the existing production rate. In that regard, the ECT® method can be considered not only as EOR technique, but as a primary production method as well. Stimulation of wells with crude oil of API of more than 22.3 is the standard operation where ECT® is considered as the most effective EOR method.

ECT® method represents economically viable solution for life-cycle extension of the wells and is an effective technique for improving of marginal oil production, particularly in case of stripper wells.

ECT® Safety & Ecology
Safe and environmentally friendly
New Oil Generation takes safety very seriously and flags it as the highest priority in company’s operations. Permanent control of all processes and no risk acceptance are the basic rules of the Company and its experts. Because of this, we insist on sharing full information with the customer before and during the project. Our customers don't like surprise and we neither.
ECT® technology and method has been designed to control all processes and chemical reactions permanently. Whole treatment is fully regulated and high security standards are employed every second of operation.
All environmental regulations and standards will be effectively followed. All chemical substances react in the formation, without any side effects. Thanks to the nature of ECT® method, no environmental burden emerges during the operations and no emissions of greenhouse gas are generated.

Legal notice:
New Oil Generation Company owns patent rights for Exothermic Chemical Treatment® (ECT®). The technology is designed and produced by New Oil Generation in its own factories in EU according to the EU regulations. The New Oil Generation ECT® team consists of certified experts with many years of experience in the petroleum industry and chemistry.


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